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Pain Consultation with Leanne LeDoux of Inspyre Physical Medicine & Wellness


I am a nurse practitioner that specializes in physical medicine. I see people with musculoskeletal problems (bone, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, etc) with the intent to help them do the physical activities that they want in order to have the desired quality of life they enjoy. 

That looks different for everyone. Some may want to expedite the healing process of their injuries. Others may want to improve their range of motion or improve performance after an old injury. Then there are those that want to improve their pain and range of motion due to arthritis. 

Schedule a free 10-minute consultation if you have pain while riding.  

Not sure if I can help? Let's talk about it. 

People don't realize how simple it is to fix the most common aches and pains-traditional medicine practitioners give muscle relaxers and pain meds and don't fix the problem.  I love to watch people's faces when I am able to put my finger right on the source of their pain (literally and figuratively).