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Affinity crank arm set 167.5 144bcd hard anodized


Track crank arms 144bcd hard anodized gun metal

Affinity crank set 167.5 144bcd pol-silver


Silver crank arms 167.5 144bcd 

Affinity tire levers


Carbon tire levers

Aheadset head set


Threaded 1” headset black

Bike Fit Reservation by Nick Davis


I have been fitting bikes since about 2000 or 2001. In that time, I’ve fit various types of riders, bikes, and skeletal structures. I’ve seen a lot, but still continue to learn every day. I started out at Sun & Ski Sports running the skate shop in 1998. After convincing the company to carry skateboards and growing that shop to...

Bike Wash Reservation


Schedule a bike wash to get your whip shining like new!  Wash includes wiping off dirt and grime, cleaning up chain grease, and giving your ride a glossy or matte coating to bring out the best in your ride! 

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