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Bike Fit Reservation by Nick Davis


I have been fitting bikes since about 2000 or 2001. In that time, I’ve fit various types of riders, bikes, and skeletal structures. I’ve seen a lot, but still continue to learn every day.

I started out at Sun & Ski Sports running the skate shop in 1998. After convincing the company to carry skateboards and growing that shop to an international clientele, I shifted my focus to bicycles. Continuing my education with bicycles, I ended up running one of their store’s bike shops.

Somewhere in between, I learned bipedal foot mechanics and became able to make custom-tailored footbeds for athletes. I married that skill along with bike mechanics, applied physics, and little metallurgy to become their first-ever biomechanist and master fitter. Improving more each day, my goal is to find a fit that feels just right. For a moment, I also worked with Tad Hughes as a foot biomechanics expert.

The fit I am contributing to this fundraiser will be a basic fit consisting of saddle height, fore and aft, and handlebar adjustment. If you’ve never been fit before, it is an opportunity to see how much potential you can unlock with a great fit! What to expect: - Unleashing the sexy power beast within.

Please show up as you would to a ride:

  • Cycling Kit Bottoms
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Clipless pedal system for maximum accuracy

If you’re not clipping in yet, no worries. Just wear what you’d ride in.

I’m looking forward to contributing toward Lady Fukry! Come support the cause!