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Bike Wash Reservation


Schedule a bike wash to get your whip shining like new!  Wash includes wiping off dirt and grime, cleaning up chain grease, and giving your ride a glossy or matte coating to bring out the best in your ride! 

Pain Consultation with Leanne LeDoux of Inspyre Physical Medicine & Wellness


I am a nurse practitioner that specializes in physical medicine. I see people with musculoskeletal problems (bone, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, etc) with the intent to help them do the physical activities that they want in order to have the desired quality of life they enjoy.  That looks different for everyone. Some may want to expedite the healing process of their injuries. Others may want to improve...

Bike Fit Reservation by Nick Davis


I have been fitting bikes since about 2000 or 2001. In that time, I’ve fit various types of riders, bikes, and skeletal structures. I’ve seen a lot, but still continue to learn every day. I started out at Sun & Ski Sports running the skate shop in 1998. After convincing the company to carry skateboards and growing that shop to...